The Gary McNeill Concepts come to the USA and the Americas

Yes, we are finally here.  It took some time for this to happen, but we are pleased to announce that the Gary McNeill Concepts are finally available for purchase in the USA and the Americas.

Gary McNeill Concepts USA was created to facilitate the purchase of these magic carpets to clients in this side of the world.  Our goal is to provide an exceptional custom order and purchasing service to those clients looking to purchase quality, durable, high-end and high-performance surfcrafts. 

Gary McNeill Concepts USA is open for business and now manufacturing our surfboard in the USA.  Our factory is in Oceanside, California and we are proud to say that our boards are MADE IN THE USA.  We ship anywhere in the nation and we have many satisfied clients from California, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Florida and Puerto Rico are already enjoying their cosmic concepts. 

Now you can contact us and purchase a custom concept from Gary McNeill or, for quicker delivery, purchase one of our Stock Concepts: there are nine Stock Concepts on this order that are available for purchase.  For inquiries, contact us at