1) Are all orders custom orders, or are there stock boards?

At Gary McNeill Concepts we try to custom fit each client to their perfect cosmic surfcraft.  We figure that since you are spending top dollar on a high end surfboard, we want to ensure that we custom fit you with the perfect model and dimensions, specifically designed and built to cater to your specifications and needs.  However, due to the fact that the boards are manufactured in Kirra, Australia, and in Oceanside, California sometimes the distance and time of shipping is such that it forces us to always have a batch of different sized stock boards available for those clients who do not wish to wait the time it takes to get a custom board built.

    Gary McNeill Concepts, on a recurrent basis, does personalized custom orders year round catering to the specific clients' needs.     

2) How do I proceed to make a custom order?

    Gary McNeill Concepts is in the process of optimizing its website to be able to take orders and payment straight from the website.  However, at the current moment, all orders must be made through email by contacting us at:  cosmicsurfboards@gmail.com

    All custom orders will receive the direct attention and recommendation of Cosmic Shaper, Gary McNeill.  By providing us with your specifications (Height, Weight, Age & Ability), Gary will provide his input as to what model and what dimensions will best suit each client.  Certain aspects, such as where the boards will be used will be taken into account.

3) What payment formats are available to purchase from the Gary McNeill Concepts?

    Currently, the Gary McNeill Concepts only accepts payment through PayPal.  Personal or Corporate Checks are not accepted.  If a client wishes to pay with a Credit Card, he/she can do so by using PayPal who accepts Credit Cards.

    The cost of funds transfers are the responsibility of the client.  The cost of the funds transfer will be included on the invoice.

4) Is a deposit required for custom orders?

    Yes, a 50% deposit is required prior to the initiation of the manufacturing process of custom orders.  The remainder balance will be due prior to the pick up or shipping of the surfboard.

    Stock boards need to be paid in full prior to shipping.  A deposit can be made in order to reserve the stock board for a time period of two weeks.  If at the two week time the stock board has not been paid in full, the stock board will be released for purchase to the general public.  The deposit given is non-refundable.

5) What shipping options are available?

    Domestic Shipping:

   All domestic shipments will be done through UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.

International Shipments:

Depending on the destination Gary McNeill Concepts provides several international shipping options.  Please contact us at cosmicsurfboards@gmail.com to provide shipping quotes.


6) Do you ship to international addresses outside the USA?

    Yes, Gary McNeill Concepts USA is the exclusive distributor of the Gary McNeill Concepts in the Americas.  That includes all the countries between Canada and Argentina, including the Caribbean.  

    The shipping cost of all international orders will be quoted individually on a per case format.      

7) How many board fit in a box?

    The shipping boxes used by Gary MCNeill Concepts have three sizes.  We have a 1 or 2 surfboard sized box, a 5 surfboard box and an 8 surfboard box.

    Our smallest shipping box can handle one or two surfboards and has the same shipping cost.  For this reason we recommend our clients to purchase more than one surfboard and take advantage of splitting the shipping cost per board.  Many clients choose to either purchase two surfboards themselves, or find a friend to purchase another board and split the shipping cost.

8) What shipping companies does the Gary McNeill Concepts use?

    For the USA market, we use UPS or FedEx exclusively.  We offer door to door service in our shipping to the USA market.   Shipments usually take between 3 - 5 days. 

9) Is the Sacred Geometry Graphic Art inlay a worthwhile additional purchase?
    Yes.  The one thing that distinguishes our surfboards is the Sacred Geometry Graphic Art.  Not an occasion goes by that we are out surfing with our cosmic concepts that someone stops us to ask about the boards.  The Graphic Art inlay comes in as an additional cost, but is one that is very worthwhile.  Not only does it look awesome and completely different from all the surfboards out there, but it also provides another layer of cloth that gives the board strength and durability, particularly on the stringerlees carbon fiber models.

10)  How do I go about choosing the Sacred Geometry Graphic Art?

    Gary McNeill Concepts is currently in the process of incorporating an “Art and Color Options” page on the website.  However, in the mean time, all Art and Graphic options are being chosen by clients checking out our Instagram feeds and photos on our websites and including a screen shot of the desired art on the custom order email.

You can follow us on Instagram:  @garymacneillconcepts_usa & @garymcneillconcepts
Our websites are: www.garymcneillconcepts.com & www.garymcneillconcepts.com.au

11) How do I choose Color Spray?

    Color spray is chosen in the same format as Graphic Art above.

12) Where are the Cosmic Concepts manufactured?

   The Gary McNeill’s Concepts are designed by Gary McNeill and manufactured in Kirra, Australia as well as in Oceanside, California at The Lab.  Many of the models are a result of the mutual collaboration between Gary and team rider David “Rasta” Rastovich.  All of our boards are designed exclusively by Gary McNeill.