Our Team


Gary McNeill

Master Craftsman

Mention the name Gary McNeill to discerning surfers worldwide and they’ll associate him with two things: extremely high performance left of centre surfboards; and his renowned team rider Dave Rastovich. By a stroke of coincidence, Dave was born in 1979, the same year that Gary began shaping at just sixteen years of age. Currently, as their long shaper/surfer relationship continues to grow in depth, experience and creativity, their collaboration in the design progress is reaching new heights. Put simply, Gary is putting together the finest surfboards of his career and a lot of people are getting excited about them.

Importantly, the feedback from beneath his own feet has had a huge part to play in Gary’s journey as a shaper. McNeill himself has a rich pedigree in Australian surfing and is an accomplished surfer in his own right. Having surfed for over forty years, he holds three Wollongong Boardriders Club Championships, three Kirra Boardriders Club Championships, a Queensland State Title and an Australian Title.

Dave Rastovich

Master Surfer

An all around surf virtuoso and true waterman, Rasta must have been part Dolphin and part Pelican in a past life.  A naturally true talent, Rasta has impressively neglected the riches of the competitive and commercial aspects of our sport and immersed himself in the soul and passion of the basic fundamentals of surfing.  A very grateful human for all that has been given to him; he dedicates himself to give back by tirelessly defending the animals that share our oceans with us.  A relentless savior of our earth and natural resources, Rasta is a true warrior for all sakes good.

Rasta is known for his world travels and surf/environmental expeditions, as well as for his remarkable knack for riding any type of surf craft.  Yet he is most often seen riding one of Gary McNeill’s cosmic concepts.  Rasta provides Gary with invaluable insight to the world of fluid dynamics with his constant testing and progressions.  Together they form a formidable team of brilliance in the form of shaper and rider scheming and designing the most innovative and versatile surfboards available.


Franco Pietri

Distributor, The Americas

An avid and well traveled surfer, Franco began surfing in Ocean Park, Puerto Rico when he was 17 years old.  With over 80 tropical surf days per year, Puerto Rico is the perfect place for Franco to call home.  An enthusiastic and passionate surfer, Franco rarely misses a swell and is always keen on going the extra mile just to get to that perfect and desolate surf spot.  Constantly looking to travel, Franco has partaken in numerous surf expeditions including Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Florida.

Franco, like many admirers of Dave Rasta was curious of what surf crafts he rode while fomenting his illustrious soul surf style.   Having many things in common, after establishing a friendship and business relationship with Gary, The Boardroom.surf was created to help satisfy the demand of cosmic surf crafts in the USA and the Americas.  Since his introduction to the Gary McNeill Concepts, Franco has enjoyed numerous exhilarating surf sessions often performing turns and maneuvers he never thought possible.  Come join Rasta, Gary and Franco on the journey they call the Cosmic Surf Bliss.